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RideiT Motorcycle GPS Alarm and Monitoring System

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The new RideIt the most advanced GPS for Motorcycle Safety and Recovery with alarm from ITURAN

Riedeit by Ituran is a powerful location-based product that makes your journey the only thing that matters.

The NEW Rideit by ITURAN is the most advanced Motorcycle GPS Tracking and Recovery device with full Alarm System plus a Safety Monitoring System.. The Rideit is manufactured, serviced and backed by ITURAN a global leader in vehicle tracking, recovery and personal service for 15 years.

Product Details
Rideit features Unlimited Tracking and recovery plus a full alarm system in one compact package, but this is just the beginning of the features and benefits of this revolutionary system. 

The device also incorporates a safety monitoring system that detects a “crash” violation and can inform you and our control center if such and event occurs, a feature rarely available for motorcycles. This feature alone could possibly be a life saving benefit should you be involved in an accident. This is especially important for solo riders who often ride back roads that are in frequented by traffic or other passer bys.

The system is also equipped with a “learning” shock sensor and accelerometer sensor that can detect any movement of the vehicle in 3 different axes. The shock sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted by the owner by sending a SMS with text “SHOCK”. The system will sound 3 beeps. The owner simply “hits” the vehicle with what ever intensity he chooses to set the shock sensitivity level. This system is in some aspects, in our opinion, superior to perimeter sensors which can sometime be triggered by false alarms caused by stray animals or simply by a person standing near the vehicle without actually touching the vehicle.

The system also integrates a Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) remote control (key fob) for hands free arming and disarming. You can also arm and disarm the unit via your cell phone and there is also a built in “valet” mode which temporarily disables the automatic arming of the alarm by sending the text message “VALET” 

When the system is triggered it will send SMS to the owner’s cell phone with the message “Alarm triggered”

Power Saving:
The system has a power saving feature which automatically starts when the system is armed. If the system is armed or over 24 hours, the modem will be turned off to save power. In this mode, calling the system will result in a message from the celluar provider stating that the person you were calling can not be reached. Once every 30 minutes the modem will be turned on for 5 minutes in order to receive any SMS sent by owner. When the alarm has a reason to start (ignition turned on, shock was detected, etc.) the modem will turn on for an additional 5 minutes.

GEOZONE (virtual Geo-fence) can be set from a minimum of 200 feet to 300 miles. You can also select specific days and specific times for those specific days when you want the geo fence mode to start and stop. The GEOZONE can be set for both entering and/or exiting the Geo-fence area. When the Geo-fence boundary is crossed the system will send you a text message or e-mail to advise you that the Geo-Fence boundary has been crossed.

The system comes with a detail reference manual with simple installation instructions and vehicle specific factory styled wiring harnesses will be available soon.


Rideit Features

  • 24/7/365 Stolen Vehicle Recovery services

  • Secure access to a user-friendly Web site

  • Arm and disarm with your cell phone

  • A variety of options for your status reports

  • Internal GPS @ GSM antennas

  • Control-Remote engine and Starter kill

  • Waterproof and shockproof

  • Low power consumption

  • Internal shock sensor

  • Internal accelerometer sensor - Detects changes of the bike's angle

  • Internal battery backup

  • Low battery level notifications

  • 5 second motion alert

  • Full Alarm system capabilities

  • Route reconstruction

  • Optional-Proximity remote control, Siren Output, Blinkers output

  • Additional features: Alerts notifications via email or cell, back up battery. Power disconnect

*Features may vary depending on the customized service agreement, installation type and/or vehicle

About Ituran

Stability - Since 1995 Ituran has been a global leader in vehicle tracking, recovery, and personal service . (NASDAQ: ITRN)

Reliability - The development of our proprietary technology has been developed and refined throughout our 15-year history. Additionally, our systems have been deployed for use in numerous military operations.

Experience - Our innovative vehicle and recovery location solutions have benefited over 600,000 satisfied customers worldwide for the last 15 years.

Service - Our 24 / 7 / 365 live personnel recovery assistance is available for both emergency and technical support. Additionally, our team of professionals can install your device for you as well as remotely verify that is working properly

Global Reach - Our products and services extend to South America, the Far East, the Middle East and throughout the United States.


Rideit Service Plan
Service Plan Total Plan Cost Comments
1 Year $129 $129 per year
3 Years $357 $119 per year
5 Years $495 Special Promotion

$99 per year

Extended Warranty

for 5 years