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Motorcycle Security Advice & Tips

... While it may not be possible to totally prevent a thief from stealing your bike, you can make stealing your bike more of a challenge by using some common sense and high quality locks and or alarm systems. Be sure to take photographs of your bike for use in the event your bike is ever stolen...

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About the Bike Bone Anti-Theft Towing Device


The name Bike Bone™ itself (Patent # US 6,715,972 B2)  is the brand name of an anti-theft towing device. The name was selected because motorcycles, like man, cannot stand with out some support. A man needs a backbone to stand, so we made a play on words and called the device a "bike bone"

The Bikebone™ is superior to strap tie downs for many reasons here are just a few:

  • Traditional strap tie-downs are easy to cut and therefore provides no deterrent to thieves.

  • They are also difficult to properly attach especially with some motorcycles with extensive body faring.

  • The strap tie-down also requires that the front suspension be fully or partially compressed which can cause suspension damage due to the "memory" loss of the springs in the front suspension.

  • This memory loss can dramatically alter the handling and thus the safety of the motorcycle.

  • The Bike BoneT is the world's first and finest rigid anti-theft motorcycle transport support system.

  • The Bike BoneT supports the motorcycle in a neutral position on your trailer, which does not exert force either up, or down but effective forms a "cradle" to support the motorcycle during transport.


The Bike Bone™ Advantage

  • Safely secures your motorcycle to your trailer without damaging the front suspension and thus preventing "memory" loss (sagging) of the front springs or damage to the shock seals. This damage is caused by prolonged compression of the suspension.

  • Provides a deterrent to thieves with its rigid triangular design.

  • Lockable wheel chocks, Wheel Ankles to secure the wheels.

  • Lockable handlebar grips to secure the Bike Bone to the motorcycle.

  • Is made of steel construction.

  • Esthetically designed to "blend in" with your bike and enhances the beauty of your bike while transporting.

  • Compact and collapsible and easy to store when not in use.

The Bike Bone can be easily attached to a motorcycle by one person and the steel construction will not weaken with age like strap tie-downs.

Protect your valuable investment with a Bike Bone!



Technical information

The Bike Bone™ Anti-theft System is a precision manufactured device

The Bike Bone™ anti-theft rigid support system frame is made of alloy steel.

The universal joints and specially designed knee joints have a compression and tension capacity of more than 2.5 tons for a combined capacity of more than 15 tons!

The lockable handlebar grips and adjustable apex junction are made of lightweight cast aluminum.

The locks are made of harden steel with a water tight lock head to help seal out dirt and corrosion for trouble free use.

The locks for the bike bone, the trailer hitch lock and trailer lock can be keyed alike for convenience and ease of use

The Bike Bone™ is fully collapsible when not in use

All parts are either chromed plated, anodized, zinc plated or powder coated for maximum durability and beauty

The Bike Bone™ anti-theft rigid support system is simple to install and comes with detailed installation instructions.


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