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Motorcycle Security Advice & Tips

... While it may not be possible to totally prevent a thief from stealing your bike, you can make stealing your bike more of a challenge by using some common sense and high quality locks and or alarm systems. Be sure to take photographs of your bike for use in the event your bike is ever stolen...

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The Ultimate Motorcycle Riding Gear: Hit-Air

Motorcycle and Scooter airbag jackets and vests.


Fashion vs. Safety? No more! The best motorcycle jacket features PLUS the best airbag system specially designed for motorcycle riders already tested and adopted world wide . Style, comfort, protection, safety and overall peace of mind... in one product:


Hit Air safety apparel: Click to see VIDEO

Wearing a hit-air airbag jacket



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► Motorcycle helmets have significantly improved from the early designs of the sixties and seventies. Unfortunately, up until now the same could not be said about riding apparel.


Of course there have been some improvements in riding apparel, such as high tech fabrics and ballistics, however fabrics and ballistics still do not offer significant protection against neck, spine and torso injuries .


Now that has changed:


Introducing HIT-AIR, the most revolutionary and technologically advanced riding apparel in the world.


If you are thrown from your bike at any speed which would you rather hit, the ground or hit air?


The technological advancements in motorcycle design have far exceeded the skills of most riders to take full advantage of the motorcycle's capabilities. I believe that this is one of the reasons for a sharp increase in motorcycle accidents.


With ordinary riding apparel, in the event of an accident the only thing that separates you from the pavement is textile or leather and maybe some ballistics. None of the traditionally designed riding apparel provides significant protection for neck, back, hip and torso injuries. As a result, there is an urgent need for advancement in riding apparel . With Hit-Air apparel you will have the textile, ballistics and the air bag shock buffering system to provide the protection for neck, back, hip and torso.


The idea of using a type of "air bag" for motorcycle apparel has been around for a while . However, the early versions were hot, heavy, bulky and unattractive. The makers of the Hit-Air line of apparel not only improved on the design to include protection for the neck and hips as well as for the back and torso, but they are also stunningly beautiful. This combination of style and functionality makes the Hit-Air product the best overall riding gear on the market. Aren't you worth the extra protection?


A message from Founder

Rueben Jackson

President and Founder




Reports from accident survivors."I am riding a motorcycle again".


Quite a number of cases have been reported by riders who were wearing an Eggparka Jacket at the time of an accident and who claim that it saved their lives. The EGGPARKA is the predecessor of the "Hit Air" Jacket and shares a common safety system. Top



*From Mr. H of Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

I have been riding scooters since I was a schoolboy - for about 35 years. They are convenient, but what I am afraid of is the possibility of falling down. Even if I am careful, sometimes an accident may happen on a wet or frozen road or on a sandy road. So as soon as I saw a motorcycle airbag, I bought one. About one year later, on a Sunday afternoon, rounding a curve near my home, a car stopped abruptly in front of me and I had scarcely put on the brake when I was thrown off the scooter .
and flying through the air. My airbag vest inflated instantly and covered my neck, chest and back completely before I touched down on the road. I did not feel a shock and after the air came out of the airbag, I took it off and I did not feel any pain on my body. Policemen came around and were surprised that I was not hurt thanks to the airbag jacket. I replaced an air-tube, and wear it whenever I ride on a scooter. I really feel that motorcycle riders especially motorcycle policemen, postmen and motorbike delivery service men should use the Eggparka to reduce the death rate of motorcycle accidents Top



*From Mr. K of Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan

I commute 27.5 km every day on a Suzuki Skywave 250 and had an accident but suffered only a slight injury because I wore an Eggparka. A policeman watching my accident by chance was impressed by the effectiveness of the Eggparka. The speed was about 100 km per hour and it inflated fully while I was in the air and no shock was felt on the neck, body and head. After landing, the upper half of my body was facing upward and I felt that I was sliding on the soft mat. Without the Eggparka, I have no doubt that I would have suffered a fatal wound and I am very grateful.


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