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Motorcycle Security Advice & Tips

... While it may not be possible to totally prevent a thief from stealing your bike, you can make stealing your bike more of a challenge by using some common sense and high quality locks and or alarm systems. Be sure to take photographs of your bike for use in the event your bike is ever stolen...

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ANYWHERE you can put a lag screw or bolt you can use the BoltLock ...

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

The revolutionary motorcycle helmet lock, motorcycle jacket lock as well as a motorcycle accessory lock.

Great for Motorcycles, RV's, Boats, Trailers, Garage Walls, Docks, Golf Bags, Golf carts... - BoltLock






The Integrated Scorpio

Security System

with advanced sensors and

real time GPS TRACKING

Receive point-to-point weather and road condition report during your trip...

Keep friends and family updated...

Log on to view ride data or status...

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Also Scorpio motorcycle alarm offers the latest in motorcycle security surveillance and theft deterrent: SR-i900


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ATV's and Snowmobiles? Scorpio has an alarm for them: SR-C400

ATV alarm: SR-C400


perimeter sensor

with warn away that detects motion around the bike, protecting saddlebags, luggage and accessories

Xena Bullet Lock Alarm and Chain

Hi tech lock

with alarm



Bullet Lock Alarm

XENA XBL series Bullett locks: the world's first high-performance alarmed padlock. Extremely strong stainless-steel construction makes them virtually indestructible. A 110 dB alarm give them a further security dimension.


XPL69 Padlock-style Lock with Alarm: Unparalleled security with a myriad garage, motorcycle, home, marine, and enterprise applications.


Xena Zone Alarms

Quick to install and simple to maintain , assemble easily and are up and running n minutes with basic tools.

Intruder Alarm: Ceiling Mounted

Protect valuables and vehicles with PIR Zone Alarms from XENA


Set up a

Security ZONE !


Capable of securing 14 inch wide tires 

Easy Installation - Drill and freeze resistant. Maximum Security for: Trailers, Construction Equipment, Cars, Trucks, ATV's, 4x4's.

See also:

Trimax Wheel lock and Chock LockTRIMAX Wheel Chock Lock

Ideal for motorcycles; trailers; ATVs; snowmobiles; etc.
Easy 2-step installation; just push lock around the wheel and slide lock tight


Trailer Security




Trailer Guard

is a stand-alone, solar powered security device for enclosed trailers that protects your investiments even when you can't...

Pro-Tec Trailer Alarm Security System

Pro-Tec2 Trailer Alarm

Activate brakes of the trailer in addition to a 128dB siren and...

Universal Coupler Nose Lock

Trimax Universal Lock

Absolute Maximum Security for your trailer. One size fits all! See Video

Xena Trailer Lock and Alarm

XENA Bullett-Lock Alarm

innovative solution to securing your trailer hitch. Shock & Movement Sensors...

Featured Products





The Most Advanced



For Motorcycle

Safety and Recovery with Alarm .

Full Alarm System

And Unlimited Tracking and recovery in one compact package


Radio Frequency Identification Technology remot control (key fob) for hands free arming and disarming

Service (Since 1995)

24 / 7 / 365 live personnel recovery assistance is available for both emergency and technical support

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Oxford Luggage and SecurityMotorcycle Clothing: ChillOut

ChillOut uses the very latest in riding wear technology to keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm!

ChillOut Pants

Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable, gentle on the skin. Shirt, Trousers, Balaclava, Socks, Gloves, Neck tube, turtle neck and knee warmers.. Essential morotycle clothing! . Read review!

ChillOut Logo

Back Protector

Back protectors: MAX PROTECTION is the most advanced back protection system available to everyday motorcyclists... Read more: Motorcycle Gear: Protective Wear

Don't hit the ground...









Hit-Air Riding Jackets - Safety Apparel

From Style to a potentially Lifesaving Device in a Split of a Second!


Hit Air Motorcycle Airbag Jackets - Vests

Motorcycle Detailing

The Metro Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer was specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry, filtered warm air. Will cut cleaning time by 80% !

Motorcycle Dryer: Metro Air Force Blaster

S100 Total Cleaner








The S100 Total Cycle Cleaner concept is simple. Spray on, touch the really tough stains with a sponge, hose off and dry. Motorcycle Skin Care

Chain and Cable anchors

Kryptonite Super Anchor Above GroundOKryptonite Super Anchor (above ground)

Steel shackle lays flat within domed body when not in use, making anchor safe to drive or walk over ...


Anchor Force bolt-down

Trimax Wall Floor Anchor Mounts anywhere! Ideal for securing motorcycles, bicycles, lawn furniture, tools, etc.

Abus Wall Floor AnchorAbus Wall Floor Anchor : Hardened steel for cutting and impact resistance

Xena Ground Anchor PictureXena Ground Anchor: Folds flat when not in use, safe to drive over. Installs in minutes!
Abus Floor Anchor GraphicAbus floor anchor: Can be used on both inside and outside. As wall or as floor anchor. Click here to See more models!

Motorcycle Covers

Rain & Dust Scooter and Motorcycle Cover: Waterproof PVC. Breathable inner with a scratch resistant lining.. More covers


Solariser: Battery Optimiser

Solar battery charger for maintaining 12Volt Automotive batteries all year round. Simple to use. Ideal for...


Chain and padlock: Hardcore

High Security Chain and Padlock. The UKs biggest selling approved chain and padlock

Nemesis Ultra Strong Chain & Padlock. 16MM hardened steel shackle, an anti-pick DOUBLE...

Motorcycle Headsets

IMC, Edsets, Chatterbox, Bluetooth technology and more!

Motorcycle Intercom

Chatterbox XBi Blue-tooth IntercXBi Bluetoothom

Kit HIFI head